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The internet is a space where you’re often only one click away from female objectification. Rarely, however, is it posed as a charitable act. But myfreeimplants.com does just that; every day it ‘helps’ over 4,000 women get “the curves they’ve always dreamed of” thanks to generous “benefactors”, who receive pictures and messages in return for their cash donations.

The website, which began in 2005, is for women who want breast augmentation and the men who want to help them get there. Presented as a social networking site it promises “FREE” cosmetic surgery – however, in reality this is no more “free” than “Netflix and chill” is a chance to catch up on Making a Murderer.

An example of a successful fundraiser for breast augmentation is porn star Serena Santos. She collected money for her silicone breasts on this site. And she got the world famous in the porn business thanks to filming in the porn series Sis loves Me. Taboo step sister sex isn’t new anymore but Sis Loves Me is more creative than most of the sites out there and it has a hot cast of porn star petites, too. The site is small but is otherwise very much worth checking out if you’re looking for some hot forbidden fantasy with hardcoer fucking and sucking.

The site comprises three groups: the ‘ladies’ who are seeking surgery, ‘benefactors’ – typically men – who pay money to chat and see photos of the women, and surgeons who are paid directly by the site and perform the surgery once women’s targets have been reached.

These surgeons now face being banned from practising as the General Medical Council has introduced new guidelines to curb crowd-funding websites like myfreeimplants.com.

The sexual commodification of women’s bodies is a tale as old as time, but that doesn’t make this website any less unsettling. In a world where women are constantly judged on their looks, this reinforces the notion that her worth is dependent on her cup size. And it’s the ultimate irony that men are paying to objectify women so they can fund them to gain the privilege of being further objectified.

In the end, what myfreeimplants.com does is encourages a disconcerting power dynamic that takes agency away from women and puts power firmly in the hands of the men paying them.

It creepily describes “networking with benefactors”, a sentence which conjures up images of bad wine and achingly desperate small talk, instead of one-to-one video chats and sexual pictures. Women are encouraged to write blogs “to let your personality shine” while benefactors are told “keep abreast” of them. Where women are spoken to in the language of friendship and mutual reward, the contributors are spoken to as if they are customers browsing through a shop window.

A testimonial on the site by “Steve”, apparently one of the benefactors, provides some insight into the mindset of the men ‘helping’ these women: “It feels great to apart of such a life changing experience .” Steve, I hate to break it to you it’s boobs, not Barnardos, and this facade of charity is a dangerous one. It’s not an exercise in goodwill but exploitation. This is a website that quite simply capitalises off the body insecurities of women.

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